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Amar Ujala Agency & Media Cricket League 2009  

Afaqs! has taken the pitch out to a 22-yard piece of earth. It’s organising a leather ball cricket tournament for media agencies, advertising agencies and media publishers. The tournament will be held in Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai. The matches will be held simultaneously across all cities January 24th onwards. The national finals would be held in Mumbai on February 21st. The winning teams will be flown to Mumbai for the finals.

Rules and Regulations
Participation Rules
  1. Only employees of the participating companies are eligible. No contract or Security personnel of other agencies are allowed.
2. Each company must furnish names of 8+ 2 (8 Players + 2 substitutes)
3. Entries must be sent officially with names of all players, duly signed by the Manager/Authorized signatory.
4. Entry will be allowed to teams on a first come first serve basis.
5. The organisers reserve the right of entry to the tournament.
6. Participation in the tournament will be confirmed once a confirmation mail is received from the team coordinator/captain. It is recommended to fill the registration forms and send it along with the confirmation mail.
7. Participation fee has to be paid before beginning of the tournament.
8. The 8 players in all the matches HAVE TO BE at all times out of these 10 players.
9. All players of participating teams will have to show identity proof (id cards or visiting cards) if asked for by the organisers.
Tournament Format  
  1. The tournament will be played on League + Knock Out basis
2. For the league phase, the teams will be divided into a group of 3 teams each.
3. Group matches will be in the round robin format (each team will play all the other teams in their group).
4. After the league the top team from each group will play the Knock Out rounds.
5. All the matches after League will be on a knock-out basis.
6. National Finals – The winning team from Delhi & Kolkata will be invited to play the National Finals at Mumbai which will be a 2 day event. The format for National finals would be League + Knock out.
Game Rules  
  1. All match rules for the tournament shall be subject to weather/ ground conditions and the playing terms may be modified suitably.
2. All the matches will be of 10 overs
3. Tournament will be played with semi-new balls.
4. All basic rules of Cricket will be applicable in the tournament.
5. Other rules applicable
    • Free Hit after a FOOT NO-BALL
• Bowl Out – Will be followed in case of a tie between 2 teams during the knock out phase only. During league if there is a tie, there will be no Bowl out but each team will get 1 point.
  6. A team can use any number of bowlers. However, one bowler will be allowed to bowl a max of 4 overs.
7. The duration of matches will be 1 Hrs 40 minutes. Each Inning will need to finish in 45 minutes. Change over time will be 10 minutes. The timings followed for this will be as per the timing given in the schedule for matches on that day.
8. Fall of the 7th wicket will be end of the innings for batting side. Last man will not be allowed to bat.
9. Any requests for postponement or changes of match timings will not be entertained.
10. The decision of the umpires will be final in all matters during the match.
11. In matters of doubt not covered by the tournament rules, the decision of the tournament committee (comprising of the umpires & organizers on ground) will be final and binding upon all concerned as per the standard rules.
12. Before the start of each game, Captains of both teams can talk to the Umpires about any clarifications that they may need. Once the match starts, no protests on the rules will be entertained during the match or after the match.
13. No member of any team is to leave the field or enter the field without the permission of the umpires.
14. The team should report 30 minutes prior to the scheduled match time to sign the register and for briefing.
15. A team might have to play 2 or 3 matches per day and breaks will be provided between matches.
Penalty clause for match delays  
  1. The side fielding first must bowl their allotted 10 overs in the stipulated time (as given in the schedule for matches that day). If they fail to do so, they will continue to complete all 10 overs. The umpires will record the number of overs bowled at the end of the stipulated time and when the fielding side comes to bat, they can face only as many overs they have bowled in the stipulated time.
2. Further,if "deliberate time wasting is done, the umpires will be empowered to apply Law 42 - 9 & 10 to award penalty runs to the batting/fielding side.
Points Calculation  
  1. During league phase following points system will be followed –
    • Winner – 2 points
• Loss - nil points
• Draw – 1 point
  2. Walkover- 2 points to the team reporting for play
3. After league matches the ranking of the top teams eligible to play knock out matches will be done the following way –
    • Points – The team with maximum points will be ranked one
• Net Rune Rate - If there are 2 or more teams with same points, then the team with a higher Net Run Rate (NRR) will be ranked higher.
• Least Wickets lost - If the NRR same, then the team that has lost least number of wickets will be ranked higher.
• Highest Wickets Taken – Least wickets lost count is also same, then the team that has taken higher number of wickets will be ranked higher.
• Toss - If the highest wickets taken also is same, the winner will be decided based on a toss. Please find details on NRR in Appendix A. In case of a bye (the opponent team doesn't show up), the team gets 3 points. Please note it will not affect the NRR.
  4. In the event of the tied match in the knout out stage the winner will be decided on the basis of a bowl
out –
    • 3 bowl outs per team.
• Team with maximum hits after 3 chances wins.
• If teams are still tied then each team gets another chance till one team scores and another misses after their chance. The team that scores will be declared winner and qualify to the next round.
Equipments & Dress Code  
  1. Players have to strictly adhere to Cricket attires
2. A common cricket kit will be provided to the teams for the matches. It is the captain’s responsibility to ensure that all cricket equipment taken is returned back to the organisers.
3. Jerseys will be provided by the organizers.
4. All the players at all times HAVE TO WEAR the jerseys provided to them by the organizers.
5. No player will be allowed to play bare feet, with chappals/Sandals or formal shoes. Only sports shoes will be allowed
6. Shorts, cargos, jeans, trousers or any other clothing other than track pants are not allowed.
Other Rules  

1. Team captain is responsible to ensure that the entire team is present at the venue at the reporting time.
2. If any team walks out of the ground for whatsoever reasons without the umpires consent, the team will be disqualified from the tournament and the fees will not be refunded.
3. Any team/team member or their supporters indulging in violence or bringing the game into disrepute of any kind (to be decided by the match umpire) will be disqualified from the tournament with immediate effect and the entry fee will not be refunded.
4. Except the playing members and umpires, no one can enter the field during the match. No member of any team is supposed to enter the playing field or leave the playing field without the permission of the umpires.
5. Team captain is responsible to start the match as per the scheduled time and finish the match as per the scheduled time.
6. Team captain is responsible for ensuring that the matches are played in the right spirit of the game.
7. The organizers or the tournament committee may at their discretion, can postpone /alter the time of a match/change the venue due to any unforeseen/natural circumstances or circumstances that may be beyond control of the organizers.
8. Any disputes/complaints by a team will have to be taken up formally with the match umpire immediately upon completion of the match. This can only be done by the team captain and moreover the complaining team’s captain shall need to be specific about his complaint and both the captains should cooperate with a detailed inquiry of both teams. The decision of the umpire will be final in all matters during the match. No protest will be entertained against Umpire’s decision.
9.The officiating umpires during the match have full authority and discretion to handle situations like walkover, reduction of time due to bad whether, other unavoidable circumstances, bad light, play abandonment/delay and/or any dispute.
10.Organisers will not be responsible for any loss of the personal belongings of participants or their cheering team. Every individual should take precautionary measures for the safety of their personal belongings.
11.Afaqs!, The sponsors, SportzConsult, officials or volunteers will not responsible for any injuries. However first aid materials will be available on ground but in case of a player needing immediate medical attention, all medical expenses will have to be borne by the player or his company. Under no circumstances will afaqs!, The sponsors, SportzConsult or the officials will be held liable for any such expenses.
12. All other rules will be applicable as per umpires decision on field.
13. Any dispute will be subject to Delhi jurisdiction.

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